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Hoppin' is an experience company first, however, it is also a marketing company.

Throughout my entrepreneurship journey thus far, I've learned the importance of outsourcing the skills and services I don't excel in.

I've met so many incredible professionals and highly intelligent individuals who have been interested in owning a franchise, but don't feel they have the experience and skillset to be exceptional in the digital marketing portion of the business.

This gave me an idea. I could help Hoppin' franchisees by completely taking digital marketing off their plates, granting them more time to focus on running a great taproom and introducing their location to their respective communities in a boots-on-the-ground type of way.

We are industry leaders in digital marketing. This is what you can expect from our world class team of marketing professionals as a franchisee:

  • Setting up your location's social channels

  • Engaging with online followers

  • Creating messaging and visuals to market your location

  • Posting content on your location's behalf

  • Running digital ads

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